mysqlBind2/iDNS is now unxsBind/iDNS
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iDNS demo 7zip avi (requires 7zip and camstudio codec): unxsbind-demo1avi.7z and codec

Help test our full DNSSEC automated deployment and maintenance beta version

Call us and help us beta test this important new version.

unxsVZ/unxsBind iDNS has replaced mysqlBind/Bind2 and is now a fundamental part of our GPLv2 unxsVZ critical internet infrastructure provisioning software for professional (ISPs/SaaS ASPs) and enterprise control of services

unxsVZ/unxsBind/iDNS Trac site. Includes install guide and getting started tutorials.
Source code of RPM releases.
RPM and yum repository.

iDNS comes with user friendly interfaces as well as the classic tech backend. iDNS can manage 1 or 1000's of DNS/Bind servers without a hiccup. Views (split horizons), hidden master, external master, all NS are masters and secondary only zones are all supported. Now with optional built-in rrdtool cluster (all NS data aggregated) and per zone named.stats based DNS query graphs.

Compare our solution with Mice&Men (DNS Expert), Nominum DNS and PowerDNS management products. Our feature set is comparable and larger in most cases. Finally our TCO and SLA's are very competitively priced and we avoid locking you in to our software (at any time you can remove iDNS management and have a nicely configured BIND9 deployment.)

Backend and most interfaces are RESTFUL designed for no nonsense quick operation and work flow.

As an extension to our KISS HA focus, and as with all our other ISP mysqlX2 management modules:

Even if the MySQL (or MariaDB or Drizzle) database is non functional your current DNS service continues to function perfectly.

New yum and RPM distribution and installation method

Very easy install for simple systems and very quick evaluation of our software.

Broadband user: Download a VMWare VM from our tier-1 Silicon Valley servers and try out our system with VMPlayer on your laptop in minutes

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